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PME Migrationís mission is to assist prospective migrants to determine if they have met the Australian migration requirements and assist them to obtain the appropriate status in a timely and efficient manner.

Another important mission of the PME Migration is to ensure overseas students who have plans to further their studies in Australia select the best possible courses to meet their personal needs and aspirations, to enroll in an appropriate institution, and to obtain the appropriate visa to facilitate their stay and entry into Australia. We are here to help overseas students to settle and study in Australia.

The executives of† PME Migration have over 20 years experience working both within the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and within the Australian community.† With backgrounds in Social Work, Adult Learning, Total Quality Management and hands-on visa processing experience, the executives of the PME Migration will provide customer-focussed, timely, quality and efficient services to enable you to receive your correct entitlement at the earliest possible time.

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